Facebook Got New Update!

Posted by mikebistro on 08/28/2015

How To Have Even More Fun On The Facebook?

Wondering how to have big amounts of fun on social networking websites? Today we will talk about one of the best social network ever made called the Facebook. Facebook is great creation from guy called Mark Zuckerberg. Mark had madden this social network few years ago and today it is the most popular social networking website ever created. Mainly this website was created for collage proposes but later on everyone wanted to be a part of this great social network. Visit como hackear un facebook for more info about this incredible social network.

facebook tricks and tips

Now all you need to have is one working email and you are ready to become a part of the biggest social networking website ever created! IF you haven’t yet become part of this social network be sure to make your profile today and enjoy in every part of Facebook, like other 2, 5 million of active users from various parts of the world. First of all apply to this network and start making your profile, start by setting your profile picture and cover picture, after that be sure to add everyone you know on this network, and even someone who you don’t know. Chatting with people is really funny and everyone likes that, since it’s the best way to meet someone and become a friend with him!

Start Chatting With Your Friends Today!

Start following various kinds of famous people which can be really funny especially if you like them a lot, just hit follow button in right corner of people’s profile and you will automatically become a follower of this person which is really easy, right? Join to various kinds of groups and pages which are sharing same interests like you, since that is the place where you can find out more interesting things and meet people that shares same interests like you! That is also the place where you can promote your business and check out is it really good for you. We really home that this particular guide helped you to have more fun in your life since everyone likes the fun right?

Drawbacks on Facebook – How to Avoid Them

Posted by mikebistro on 06/28/2015

If you think that we have only benefited from Facebook you are sadly mistaken. Although almost everyone has had benefit from using this social network, some have probably seen and recognized its drawbacks. Everything has drawbacks and thus this is not surprising.


Drawbacks on Social Networks

Facebook tries to prevent children from having and account and using this social network in order to prevent child abuse and protect children from predators. However, this does not always prevent children from having a Facebook account because they can lie about their age and put the year of birth to match the minimum of thirteen years of age required by the network. Many children have accounts on this social network and I wonder how many of them are monitored by their parents or guardians (source: comment pirater un compte facebook). The result of this can be the violation of children’s rights and a buffet for paedophiles. Also children can get estranged from their real friends really soon in life and get used to spending all of their time in front of the screen instead outside playing and chatting with friends.

facebook drawbacks

For socially challenged individuals Facebook probably presents the perfect way to engage in social intercourse without having to communicate to people face to face. However, these individuals are often gullible and prone to believing everything someone else puts on their social network profile and everything they are told by others on the network. This can also lead to miserable individuals affected by lies and misleads, or otherwise violated. It is easier to break the ice of social communication when you are alone in your room, looking at the screen and typing word you would normally speak, that is true, but it should only be used as an ice-breaker, not exclusively.
So what can be done to ensure unviolated life of everyone on Facebook? How can the network make sure nobody lies about their age, physical appearance, jobs, etc.? Well that is question to be answered. Tighter security is always useful, monitoring Facebook profiles and trying to sift out the ones made by predators.


Watching over and taking care!

Parents should be more informed about the possible activities of their children and watch over them more alertly. Shy individuals should also be more informed about possible dangers on the network and be educated not to believe everything they see and read.
A lot of things shine but not all of them are made out of gold. Facebook shines very brightly but be careful. Even be sceptical and paranoid from time to time. It’s a lot more useful than being gullible sometimes.

How To Play Clash Of Clans Properly

Posted by mikebistro on 05/13/2015

Get free gems and gold with these Clash of Clans tips today!

With development and growth of mobile phones and internet came a need for a mobile games and mobile applications. Smart phones gave us a chance to make a more complex mobile games which works online too. One of most played mobile games is strategy game called Clash of Clans. It was released at 2012 year for apple devices and 2013 year for android devices. This game has over 200 thousands active players. In this game you can build your village and make your army. Most exciting part of this game is clan wars. Where you fight with your opponent for precious resources.

Clash of Clans on mobile

Best thing about this game is that Clash of Clans is a free to play game. You don’t have to buy this game just download it from Google play store, or App store and play! It’s very important to have enough resources to build and upgrade your army and village. There are three main resources in this game first is gold, second elixirs and third but most important gems. You earn gems buy doing conquests and getting achievements . It’s very slow and painful process. Because of that SuperCell company that made this game invented possibility to buy gems with real money. Yea your heard me right although this is free to play game you can progress faster while buying a gems with real money.

Make the biggest village and the biggest army!

Upgrades are available to purchase with real money via App store or Google play store and they are not cheap at all so if you are not wealthy person you won’t be able to buy them. Because of that unfairness some gamers made Clash of Clans guides so ordinary people can be good in this game too. It is very hard to progress if you want to play via normal way so you should find those tips and get your free gems, gold and elixirs in two or three clicks.

Resources CoC

Why to keep losing clan wars versus some paying people and be disappointed when you can download this CoC in-depth guide and have a fair fight! There are various websites outside who offers a tons of Clash of Clans cheat and tips. They doesn’t require your passwords and stuff just put username and amount of gems and gold’s that you want that’s all you need to do.Follow the simple guide on this awesome website and get free gems today.Also they always make some daily giveaways be aware of that too!